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4 Elite Speakers


Elite TALKS is a non-profit organisation registered in 2015 with the Government of Victoria, Australia. We organize activities and annual forums for the youth community. Our guest speakers consist of successful business owners, high-achievers and people of influence within the student communities. Through their stories, we hope to inspire the younger generation to strive for their dream

Debuted in 2015, Elite TALKS international received over 600 attendees. This number increased to over 800 in 2016. In 2016, we also hold a dedicated Elite TALKS for the Vietnamese student community in Melbourne. The event attracted over 200 people.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Foster stronger relationships between attendees and potential employers
  • Facilitate personal and professional development of attendees
  • Promote career awareness and pathway opportunities available within various disciplines
  • Educate attendees about the challenging and dynamic opportunities in the job market
  • Provide a networking platform between attendees and professionals in the industry

Event / ``Start UP and Climb UP`` Conference 2017

The ELITE TALKS 2017 hopes to provide a platform for organisations to present career pathways and further education opportunities to International students, graduates, and job seekers who wish to increase their skills and employment prospects.

With the theme “Start up or Climb up”, ELITE Talks 2017 aims to provide insights into the two main possible career pathways for graduates:

To CLIMB the corporate ladder by working in established firms and organization, or to START their dream business. The tips for success will be delivered by experienced Vietnamese in Australia, hoping to awaken the burning passion and inspire the young generation to pursue the most suitable pathway for their career prospects.

The event will be held at 300 Flinders Street, CBD of Melbourne from 15:00 to 19:00 on  Sunday, 24th September 2017 with presentations running throughout the day in the main conference area. The total of 4 speakers from different industries has been divided into two group sessions. For each session, the speakers will have 20 minutes for their own presentation, followed by a panel discussion within the group. Panel discussions are moderated by the host. After each group session, guest speakers will be directed to our Q&A part to answer further questions from the attendees.

After the conference, ELITE TALKS 2017 come at last with the light tea and coffee function, providing informal and friendly networking opportunities for all audience, getting the chance to talk directly to amazing speakers.

Event Schedule / TOPICS



Understand what you really want and deciding a correct pathway is crucial for youngsters.

4. START UP – Duy Huynh

START UP need person who's brave and strong. How about you?

Event Speakers / Meet with greaters

Sheryl Thai

Founder of Cupcake Central

Ha Bui

Communications Advisor at ANZ

Duy Huynh

CEO of Ba'get and Beyondedge

Nguyen Xuan Ngoc

Senior SBS Radio Producer

Previous Event Speakers /

Clement Peng


  AWS is an elite society formed by a group of professionals working in a wide variety of financial sectors. Our members come from both private and public sectors and consist of professionals from accounting, investment banking, fund management, insurance and legal advisory field. Majority of our members have achieved professional accreditations such as CFA, CA, CPA, FRM and FIAA. AWS is a community where professional members can share their experience, and provide assistance & guidance to fellow young professionals including overseas students who is ready to take off on their career in the financial sector. We encourage professional development and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas. We are also passionate to inspire the oversea students and better equip

Brenda Yan

Westpac Premium 

Lili Tu

Executive Producer at ABC

Son Jack

Architecture at Elenberg Fraser

Huong Dang

KOTO's Representative


Jonathan Pratt

Regional Manager

RMIT University (more…)

Sean Dong [MC]


S&W Consulting Group

William Lye


Asia Practice section of the Commercial Bar Association

Gary Cheung


Deloitte Private

Jason Fang

Executive Producer

ABC Radio Australia

Richard Cen


Hayes Knight Audit, Head of Asian Advisory Service

Jonathan Wang


ANZ Asia-Pacific Desk

Sherry Xu


Sherry Link Communications

Shan Gao


Kennedy Investments

Shirley Gu

CEO Assistant

Golden Age Group (more…)


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